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This page contains various historic contexts that Chicora has developed over time. Individuals are welcome to explore the information and to cite short passages, but please refrain from wholesale copying . The files are provided in Adobe PDF format and you will need a viewer to access the information. Some are rather large and we apologize in advance for the slow downloads. Citations for each are provided as the link name.

Trinkley, Michael and Sarah Fick. 2003. Rice Cultivation, Processing, and Marketing in the Eighteenth Century. Chicora Foundation, Inc., Columbia. 3.07 MB [This provides a detailed discussion of South Carolina's rice production from introduction through the American Revolution and was prepared as part of our Liberty Hall (Research Series 62) data recovery project]. Another report that discusses rice at length is our study of Jehossee Island. This report includes extensive information on the antebellum rice plantation of Gov. William Aiken. It is available here.

Trinkley, Michael, Debi Hacker, Natalie Adams. 1995. A Preliminary Archaeological Context for Greenville County, South Carolina. Chicora Foundation, Inc., Columbia. 4.35 MB [While dated, this document still provides a good introduction to the prehistoric and historic archaeology of Greenville County and was prepared as part of our Greenville Heritage Management Plan (Research Series 46)].

Trinkley, Michael and Sarah Fick. 2005. "A Context for Eighteenth Century Overseers." In Trinkley, Michael, Debi Hacker, and Sarah Fick, Investigation of an Eighteenth Century Overseer Site (38CH1278), Christ Church Parish, Charleston County, South Carolina, pp. 23-45.Research Series 64, Chicora Foundation, Inc., Columbia. 436 KB [This provides a detailed discussion of eighteenth century South Carolina overseers, including information how they were retained, salaries, and social standing. It was prepared as part of our data recovery investigations at 38CH1278]. 

Trinkley, Michael and Debi Hacker. 2007. "A Context for the Study of Low Country Gardens." In Trinkley, Michael and Debi Hacker, Tranquil Hill Plantation: The Most Charming Inland Place, pp. 17-36. Research Series 66, Chicora Foundation, Inc., Columbia. 1.3 MG [This document provides a context for 18th and early 19th century plantation gardens in the South Carolina low country. It is perhaps the only South Carolina garden context].

Trinkley, Michael. 2006. "South Carolina Land Phosphates in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: Toward an Archaeological Context." In Trinkley, Michael, Nicole Southerland, and Sarah Fick, Cultural Resources Survey of the Campbell Tract, Charleston County, South Carolina, pp. 23-76. Research Contribution 442. Chicora Foundation, Inc., Columbia. 6.2 MG [This document provides an archaeological context for the study of South Carolina's phosphate industry, with a special emphasis on phosphate mining camps].

There is an energy context for South Carolina, buried in our report for the Saluda Dam study (better known as Lake Murray). It is available here.

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