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This page will take you to a variety of preservation web sites that include the range of materials found in most library, archive, and museum collections. While not exhaustive, we have tried to select items that are not only accurate, but broadly informative.

Books and Paper

ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (R1997): Permanence of Paper for Publications and Documents in Libraries and Archives

ANSI/NISO Z-39.78-2000: Library Bindings

Library of Congress - Decision Making Process for Housing Paper Materials

National Archives - Preservation of Archival Documents

Library of Congress - Preserving Newspapers

Library of Congress - Preservation of Scrapbooks & Albums

NEDCC - Preservation of Library & Archival Materials

NEDCC - Removal of Damaging Fasteners from Historic Documents

State Library of Victoria - Packing & Storing Books

Ceramics and Glass

Henry Ford Museum - The Care & Preservation of Glass & Ceramics

Digital Materials

Digital Preservation: A Time Bomb for Digital Libraries

Disaster Planning & Recovery

Library of Congress - Emergency Drying Procedures for Water Damaged Collections

Western NY Library Resources Council - Disaster Plan

CCAHA - Salvaging Photography Collections

RAP - Disaster Prevention, Preparedness & Recovery - Special Concerns for Museum Textile Collections

SOLINET/Chicora - Protecting Your Institution from Wild Fires: Planning Not to Burn & Learning to Recover


ANSI/NISO Z39.79-2001: Environmental Conditions for Exhibiting Library and Archival Materials

NISO TR01-1995: Environmental Guidelines for the Storage of Paper Records

Sebera - Isoperms  or alternate site

Chicora - Managing the Museum Environment

Ryhl-Svendsen - Methods to Mitigate Indoor Air Pollution

Ryhl-Svendsen - Pollution in the Photographic Archives

NEDCC - Protection from Light Damage

UV Primer

NPS - Choosing UV Film


Bishop Museum - Care of Feathers

Framing and Matting

Australian Museums & Galleries On-Line - Framing Easel Paintings

Library of Congress - Guide to Preservation Matting and Framing

Furniture (see also Wood Artifacts)

Henry Ford Museum - Furniture Care

Smithsonian - Furniture Care & Handling

RAP - Guidelines for the Care of Furniture & Wooden Objects

American Conservation Consortium - Furniture & Wooden Object Preservation & Care

General Conservation (Ethics and Standards)

AIC - Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice

ALA Preservation Policy

General Conservation  (Materials)

Library of Congress - Specifications

ANSI/NISO Z39.77-2001: Guidelines for Information About Preservation Products

UK Museums & Galleries Commission - Museum Conservation Materials

General Storage

ANSI/NISO Z39.73-1994: Single Tier Steel Bracket Library Shelving

Banks - Overview of Alternative Space Options for Libraries and Archives

NPS - Determining Storage Equipment Needs

NPS - Determining Storage Space Needs

NPS - Museum Storage Cabinets


Smithsonian - Care & Handling of Ivory Objects


Dirksen - The Degradation & Conservation of Leather

Matting (see Framing & Matting)

Magnetic and Digital Media

UK- Museums & Galleries Commission - Magnetic and Digital Media


Henry Ford Museum - The Care of Brass & Bronze

RAP - Care of Silver


Library of Congress - Preservation Microfilm


NY City - Guidelines on Assessment & Remediation of Fungi in Indoor Environments

Chicora - Mold

Motion Picture Film

Library of Congress - Handling & Storage of Motion Picture Film

Natural History Collections

NPS - Arsenic in Natural History Collections

Ohio Historical Society - Arsenic and Old Collections

UK Museums & Galleries Commission - Natural History Specimens

WAAC - Storage Methods for Taxidermy Specimens


Smithsonian - Caring for Your Paintings

Smithsonian - Painting Varnishes

Smithsonian - Does My Painting Need To Be Cleaned?

Library of Congress - Guide to Preservation: Matting & Framing

Australian Museums & Galleries On-Line - Pigments & Binders


Textile Museum - Pest Busters

Chicora - Managing Museum Pests

Photographic Materials

Library of Congress - Decision Making Process for Housing Photographic Materials

Library of Congress - Issues to be Considered for Photographic Materials

NEDCC - Short Guide to Film-Base Photographic Materials

Plastic and Rubber

Smithsonian - Rubber Deterioration

UK Museums & Galleries Commission - Plastics


UK Museums and Galleries Commission - Padlocks

UK Museums and Galleries Commission - Attack Resisting Display Cases

Keller - Museum Security: The Art of Alarms

Keller - Guidelines for the Security of Rare Book, Manuscript & Other Special Collections

Suggested Guidelines for Museum Security

Implementing and Interpreting "Suggested Guidelines for Museum Security"

Sound Recordings

St. Laurent - Care & Handling of Recorded Sound Materials

Library of Congress - Cylinder, Disc & Tape Care in a Nutshell

Library of Congress - Caring for Cylinder Recordings

Textiles & Costumes

Textile Museum - Guidelines for the Care of Textiles

Textile Museum - Hanging System for Textiles in Sturdy Condition

Australian Museums & Galleries On-Line - Costumes

RAP - Rolling Textiles for Storage

Video Tape

AIC - Caring for Your Home Videotape

Wood Artifacts (see also Furniture)

Australian Museums & Galleries On-Line - Wooden Artifacts

Works of Art on Paper

Library of Congress - Preserving Works on Paper

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