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Preserving Your Family Treasures, Second Edition. 74 pp. perfect bound. A simple, straight-forward guide to inexpensive methods of preserving family heirlooms. Written for individuals, families, and historic organizations. ISBN 1-58317-001-4  $10.00
Surviving the Big One: A Primer for Libraries, Museums, and Archives, Second Edition. 110 pp. perfect bound. Published with SOLINET. This book is designed to help your institution survive the next hurricane. It offers advice on storm-proofing your institution, what to do before and after the storm, and how to recover.  ISBN 1-58317-000-6  $15.00
Managing the Museum Environment.
12 pp. wire stitched. This booklet gives you the essential, down-to-earth information you need to control environmental conditions. Good introduction for those not familiar with HVAC and environmental monitoring.  ISBN 1-58317-014-6   $3.00
Managing Pests. 12 pp. wire stitched. This booklet provides a simple overview of integrated pest management, or IPM. It also provides you with the essential information necessary to take control of your pest control problems. ISBN 1-58317-013-8   $3.00
Mold: Understanding the Problem and Recovering Safely. 12 pp. wire stitched. This booklet provides an overview of mold, its effects on collections and people, and explores how and why your institution may be affected. It also provides safe techniques for recovering from a mold outbreak. ISBN 1-58317-044-8    $3.00
Recording Historic Cemeteries: A Guide for Historical Societies and Genealogists.
12 pp. wire stitched. This booklet focuses on why and how to record historic cemeteries and graveyards. It provides essential advice for those beginning cemetery preservation projects. ISBN 1-58317-045-6   $3.00



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